Gua Sha Training Course

If you would like a Gua Sha Training Course, we have a selection for both personal and professional use.

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Awaken! Self Care Routine | 1=hour
A Guide for Beginners and Non-professionals 

Gua Sha Training Course

Awaken! is a 1-hour on-line tutorial that focuses on self-care based on proven facial massage techniques from our Gua Sha Facial Fusion hands-on training to awaken your skin and the systems within that support its function and and natural ability to cleanse and heal.

You will be guided through a proven protocol starting from the neck to the forehead with an understanding of what each movement means for your skin health, plus 3 focus areas; fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne, lifting and sculpting.

Instruction of this Gua Sha Training Course includes simple to perform movements for the neck, jawline, cheeks eyes, brow & forehead. You will be in a 121 setting via zoom and receive the recording and supporting facial maps afterward to practice and refine your skills.

Required Tools: Any CJB Gua Sha stone (see below for recommendations)

Dark Green Nephrite (professional tool, most versatile and best to use on clients)
Apoterra x CJB Gua Sha Stone


CJB Tension Tamer | 1-hour
Learn facial massage techniques for tension relief from a holistic Massage Therapist!

CJB Tension Tamer focuses on relieving tension where stress manifests most in the shoulders, neck, jaw and around the eyes. Specialized massage techniques are combined with a series of breathing exercises intended to enhance lymphatic flow, increase circulation, soothe nervous tension and calm anxiety.

The CJB mushrooms engage with your muscles to counteract postural imbalances and create range of motion and flexibility. Gliding massage techniques and acupressure unlock physical and emotional stress that contribute to headaches, sinus congestion, tension, eye strain and insomnia.

Stress Reduction = Vibrant Skin

Stress reduction through facial massage helps disband myofascial tension, restore mobility and liberate accumulated wastes; leaving space for the optimal flow of blood, oxygen, lymph and nutrients. Unwinding bound fascia and quieting your nervous system releases stuck energy and enables you to find the rest and relaxation you need to bring your mind body into balance.

Required Items: CJB Clear Quartz or Bloodstone Mushrooms. Mushrooms are sold separately. For self care, 1pc is sufficient. 2pc is recommended for professionals, or if you want to work both sides of your face simultaneously.

Instruction includes: Easy to follow step-by-step protocol and face maps that allow you to review at home and/or for wellness professionals to share with their clients and conduct their own virtual online classes.


CJB Sculpt & Smooth | 1-hour
Recommend for everyone: professional & non-professionals

Estheticians | Make-up Artists | Massage Therapists | Self-care

CJB Sculpt & Smooth is a comprehensive self-care tutorial developed to dive deep into the use of all the angles and edges of our CJB Sculpting Spoons for reducing inflammation, puffiness, dark circles, smoothing the complexion and sculpting. You will learn a series of facial massage techniques, along with acupressure points and tension relief “musts” for achieving the facial contouring benefits you desire.

Puffy Eyes? Say no more– this is for you! Learn tips and tricks for reducing puffiness and dark circles, along with do’s and don’ts for massaging this delicate area. By learning the theory and reasons for their persistence you will be able to achieve quick fixes and and long-term results.

If you’re a make-up artist, or aficionado this class is for you! The specialised techniques are easy to perform and focus on reducing puffiness, brightening and smoothing the complexion for flawless application and support a professional contoured appearance.

Required: CJB Rose Quartz Spoons or Mookaite Jasper Spoons
1pc is sufficient for self-care with 2pc recommended for professional treatments and working on clients.


  • Reduce Puffiness
  • Diminish Dark Circles
  • Smooth Complexion
  • Brighten & Tighten
  • Sculpt + Lift

If you have any questions on our courses, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch!