Hello, I’m Donna Ryan

Let me share more about my journey.

I understand the challenges of struggling with skin issues. From my teenage years through my late twenties, I battled severe acne, which took a toll on my mental health, plunging me into bouts of depression and anxiety. The state of my skin deeply affected my self-esteem, leaving me feeling unattractive and insecure. To compound matters, I later learned that an undiagnosed thyroid condition called Hashimoto's exacerbated my skin problems.

For years, I grappled with these issues until a pivotal moment when I resolved to take control of my situation. I refused to resign myself to fate and embraced the belief that change was possible. Thus, I embarked on a holistic journey, gradually witnessing improvements unfold.

I sought guidance from a homeopath who prescribed natural remedies, skincare and offered invaluable nutritional advice. Concurrently, I explored Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and underwent acupuncture treatments, guided by my TCM Doctor. Astonishingly, within a month, my acne vanished entirely.

This transformation ignited my passion for alternative therapies. I delved into various natural healing modalities, including Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Reiki, and Bach flower remedies. However, it was the discovery of working with the skin and using Gua Sha with face massage that resonated with me profoundly. Originating from ancient Asian practices dating back to the Stone Age, Gua Sha embodies a holistic approach, treating individuals as interconnected beings. Its enduring relevance in our modern era underscores its profound efficacy.

I honed my expertise by training under esteemed practitioners such as Cecily Braden, a leading Facial Trainer in the USA, and Clive Witham, a renowned author and expert in Gua Sha. Additionally, I recently expanded my skill set by completing training in Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the face and neck.

Central to my approach is a commitment to skincare rooted in nature and a passion for holistic healing. Over time, I've refined my methodology, advocating for Dermaviduals, a corrective, medical-grade skincare range crafted from pure, skin identical ingredients. This philosophy extends beyond surface-level concerns, emphasising our intrinsic connection to nature and the profound impact of holistic practices on our physical and energetic well-being.

I believe that nurturing a spiritual connection with our skin is paramount, as it reflects not only our external appearance but also the essence of our being. By utilising ancient Eastern techniques like Gua Sha, we can release energetic blockages, fostering vitality and inner harmony. Our face shows the personality of our soul, both the emotions we show and the ones we feel we cannot show.

Ultimately, my mission is to empower individuals to cultivate radiant, glowing skin and confidence that emanates from within.

It begins with reconnecting with oneself, starting with the skin.


~Donna Ryan


Reconnect with yourself, starting with your skin!