Facial Gua Sha Training

● Monday 7th October 2024 - 1 Day in Putney, London

● Monday 2nd September 2024 - 1 Day in Putney, London SOLD OUT

Price £195 intro price (full price will be £350)

Facial Gua Sha Training

Course Description

A one-day intensive course designed exclusively for beauty or holistic professionals seeking to refine their facial techniques. Through a combination of theory, practical demonstrations, and hands-on practice, participants will delve into the art of setting up for a facial, mastering cleansing rituals, and incorporating facial gua sha techniques, all while drawing upon Donna’s signature approach to skincare and holistic well-being.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the holistic approach to skincare and facial treatments.
  • Gain practical insights into setting up a serene and inviting environment for facial sessions.
  • Learn effective cleansing techniques tailored to individual skin types and concerns.
  • Explore the therapeutic benefits of facial gua sha in promoting skin health and relaxation.
  • Get expert tips and techniques to elevate your facial treatments to the next level.

Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction to Holistic Skincare

  • Overview of the facial muscles
  • Understanding the holistic approach to skincare and facial treatments
  • Exploring the connection between skin health and overall well-being
  • Setting the intention for transformative facial experiences


Part 2: Creating a Tranquil Treatment Space

  • Creating a serene and welcoming ambiance for facial sessions
  • Selecting and arranging essential tools and equipment
  • Incorporating oils and relaxation techniques to enhance the client experience


Part 3: Mastering Cleansing Rituals

  • The importance of thorough cleansing in preparing the skin for treatment
  • Tailoring cleansing techniques and products to suit different skin types and conditions
  • Hands-on practice


Part 4: Facial Gua Sha: Unleashing the Power of Healing Touch

  • Introduction to facial gua sha: history, benefits, and principles
  • Demonstrations and guided practice of gua sha techniques inspired by Donna’s holistic approach
  • Harnessing the therapeutic effects of gua sha to stimulate lymphatic drainage, circulation, and skin rejuvenation
  • Exploring the transformative benefits of facial gua sha for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Learning Donna’s unique massage techniques to lift, sculpt, and revitalise the skin
  • Personalising massage sequences to address specific client concerns and promote holistic well-being


Part 5: Practical Application and Feedback

  • Participants will practice the techniques learned during the course on each other
  • Instructor-led feedback and guidance to ensure proper execution of techniques
  • Discussion and reflection on the learning experience


Course Requirements

  • This course is suitable for beginners and professionals looking to gain more confidence in their facial treatments and to learn new skills.
  • Basic knowledge of facial treatments and skincare products is recommended.



  • Participants will be evaluated based on their active engagement in discussions, practical demonstrations, and ability to apply techniques with proficiency and finesse.



Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

Note: The course syllabus is subject to modification or adjustment based on the instructor's discretion and the specific needs of the participants.