Winter is coming


The change in seasons is part of nature and we should embrace the process. Although cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin, there are options to reduce the negative effects.

A deep cleansing facial treatment is an excellent way to prepare the skin for the change in climate and will keep you looking gorgeous for Christmas.

In my treatments, I aim to balance body and mind by combining massage with crystals and energy healing. This approach helps free you from negative energy and to achieve a relaxed state, vital for good skin health.

The deep cleanse will purify your skin, open the pores and remove congestion, leaving the skin glowing and ready for extra winter pampering.

To maintain this fresh complexion, I recommend increasing your daily water intake, to nourish the skin from within. For best results during winter, I also encourage clients to use a light serum as an extra step, after cleansing and before moisturising. This additional layer of care will support your skin and give better protection from harsh weather and drying central heating.
One of my favourite serums is by EarthZest, which I have found very effective for most skin types (Available to buy through me).
Use your fingertips to pat a little across the forehead, cheeks and chin, taking care around the eye area.

If serum is not for you, why not carry around a light rose water mist?
Spritzing your skin with naturally infused rose water will also help with hydration, and the smell will keep your vibe high.

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