The beauty tools I use in facials

Here is an explanation about each tool I use, although this is only some of them! Remember, a gua sha facial is releasing on many levels, it is more than a beauty treatment!⠀

1.Traditional shape Gua Sha in Rose 🌹 Quartz.⠀
This is the shape I first started with which got me excited about gua sha, it can reduce puffiness and bring brightness to the skin, Rose quartz engages with the heart and can support with heart break and grief. ⠀

2. Smooth Rose Roller 🌹
I use these at the end of a treatment or personally I will use in the morning before putting on make-up, rollers are great for reducing puffiness and reducing inflammation like rosacea. ⠀

3. Rose Quartz Crystal Spoons.🌹
These lift and firm the skin, reduce deep lines and are great for puffiness, I especially recommend using these around the ear and neck.⠀

4. Clear Quartz Mushrooms 🍄
Best used warm, these work out tension in the muscles and drain trapped fluid and emotions, energetically clear quartz amplifies energy and the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy!⠀

5. Pocket Gua Sha Lily Fluorite.⠀
A beautiful stone, this shape is for at home use for in-between your professional treatments, the tiny ridge edge provide a gentle friction, which combs out any tension or adhesions. Lily Fluorite supports in mental clarity, boosts confidence, aids in spiritual expansion and purifies energy. ⠀

6. CJB Dark Green Nephrite Jade.⠀
This is the professional stone which can basically do everything, lifting, sculpting, minimise lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness and dark circles. Energetically it is an emotional healer and inspires you to see the truth. ⠀

7. CJB Rose Quartz 🌹
Same properties as above but I am drawn to using this stone when somebody has issues with self love or heart break.⠀

8. CJB Apoterra in Mookaite.⠀💓
This is the newest shape gua sha and it is becoming my favourite, the energy of this stone feels strong, it comes from Australia, it is used for protecting against negative energies. This stone is said to help in balancing the minerals in your body and in purifying your blood.

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