Natural FaceLift

The skin on our face is supported by an intricate network of delicate muscles. Each of us has a unique facial structure and facial muscles can enhance your features when they are working effectively. Sometimes, however they do not get enough exercise.

The Natural Facelift is designed to gently manipulate and activate your face with flowing strokes and fingertip massage. The aim is to strengthen the deep and surface muscles that give your face its structure and contours.  I use acupressure and reflexology techniques to balance your energy and reveal glowing skin.

By applying careful pressure to your skin, it is possible to release tension, improve blood circulation and therefore increase nourishment to skin cells. In addition to providing a profoundly relaxing experience, the massage encourages lymphatic drainage to remove any puffiness or toxins. Once the fluids in your skin are in balance, the lifted contours of your face will be smoother and re-defined.

The Natural Facelift is like a very gentle yoga session for your face, and whilst the initial treatment will make a difference,  like all exercise, the real benefits come with repeated activity. Like yoga, it has ongoing benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

I recommend 6 sessions of the Natural Facelift to rejuvenate and maintain the effects of the massage, but it is also important to spend at least 5 minutes every evening massaging the skin….I will do a more detailed post on this soon.