Natural Beauty


Your true natural beauty can be revealed when you feel at peace with yourself. Your face will have an unmistakeable glow when your psyche and your energies are in true alignment. But sometimes we need help to get there.

Our bodies are cleverly designed to tell us when we need to slow down, making us feel or look tired and lethargic. Excessive physical exertion or mental exhaustion will always show in our faces.

In a calm, rested mode however, your muscles and mind can function at their correct pace, allowing your natural beauty to shine through and maintain your body’s unique and delicate balance.

In my treatments, I aim to release unwanted energies and restore the body’s equilibrium, with touch and scent.

Combining various techniques with natural skincare products, I aim to work in harmony with your body and its vibrations.

I’ve discovered that by touching pressure points and doing gentle facial massage, this will release tension and stress. It’s just a matter of looking for the signs and going with the flow.

I also like to use crystals, which work magically and silently, promoting sensations of fulfilment and wellbeing to enhance the experience.

Re-balancing is vital for all of us.  Why not book a treatment and re-discover your natural beauty?