My Bali retreat


I’ve just come back from the most magical holiday in Bali and wanted to tell you all about it.  Ubud in Bali is a fantastic place, the perfect antidote to hectic city life and the ideal environment to rejuvenate and regenerate mind, body and spirit.

I was staying in a beautiful hotel in the jungle, surrounded by nature, flowers and gorgeous scenery.  Being away from the usual distractions, I became deeply inspired by the sights, smells and sounds all around me.

My stay in Bali was an opportunity for me to embrace a more simple way of life, to meditate, to relax and to gain some much-needed headspace of my own.  Wonderful.

Looking around me, the Balinese people looked youthful and relaxed, with glorious skin, probably from using natural skincare made with local products.

Although this trip was planned as a retreat, I was also lucky enough to meet many special people and learn some new holistic techniques that I’m excited to add to my facials in the future.

Self-love rituals can provide us with peace, serenity and improve our overall health. As a therapist, my role is to understand your needs and rebalance the body.  After this trip, I am ready to transmit this renewed positive energy and tranquillity to you via facial therapy. I really hope to be able to transport you to Bali for a few moments as well!