Magical Makeup

I am sending this from sunny Ibiza where I am doing facials for a group of lovely ladies celebrating their 40th birthday! They are having facials every morning and makeup in the evenings, a perfect mix of retreat and party.

They asked me to join them on this trip because they know makeup looks best on healthy glowing skin, in fact, it can really enhance your features when used correctly.

My aim is to help you feel and look wonderful and that normally starts from the inside.  I always recommend a course of facials before an important event and give tips and advice on how to get the glow!

Now a little about the make up I use.  I use natural makeup because it is important for maintaining good health.  There are many “natural” brands on the market which still contain talc and bismuth oxychloride, these can be toxic and more evidence is proving the ovarian cancer link (recently Johnson & Johnson lost a law suit of £1.5m and 1500 more cases are waiting to hear the outcome).

Natural makeup has come a long way in the past few years.  If you don’t want to change all of your makeup to natural then the most important is your foundation and lipstick, we absorb 60% through our skin into the blood stream so make sure you are not overloading on toxins.

I work with several natural make up brands but my favourite is Inika Organic (especially for foundation) they are the only brand I have found who do not use talc or bismuth oxychloride. I also like Antipodes for the wide range of lipstick shades.  Both of these are available to buy online or in good Healthfood stores.

I am currently doing a lot of makeup bag makeovers.  I go through your current makeup kit and help to replace with natural alternatives. I like to keep things simple so won’t encourage you to buy more than you need.