January Zen!

It’s that time of the year where you feel like you may be in a slump, having indulged at Christmas a little too much, full of new years resolutions but not sure which one to target first? The answer is that you need to go inward: Self-care is key to a balanced mind, body and spirit.

I do my self care rituals every day as part of my morning or evening routine. It is truly a special time with yourself to reflect, give yourself love and prepare for the day in a positive way. One of my favourite rituals is face massage.  I do face massage to remove any stagnation from the skin, to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. All you need is 5 minutes every morning & evening, you will feel a difference! Always use a serum/oil before you perform a massage because it is best to have some slip: I like to use Ila Spa Face oil for glowing radiance.

Often people think of meditation as something difficult to get into, however yoga, dance, singing or even a facial can be meditation too. It gives yourself a time to go inwards and heal. Also guided mediation in a group can be easier than doing it on your own. Click here for a list of fantastic meditation classes and more with Kristina Evans.

My facials work with the wonderful magic of nature and I use techniques that will bring a natural glow to your face. I like to learn ancient techniques to use in my practice, and also new skills that I will be incorporating this year (watch this space!).

Sometimes we need a little break from our stresses to melt into bliss. My facials have been really popular this month. They help balance out your energy as well as giving you that bright and clear skin. Treat yourself to some much-needed TLC, I even include a foot massage! Our reflex points on our feet are really good to work too. So it goes beyond a facial…

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