Holistic Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

Holistic Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

Holistic Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

Skin conditions can be difficult to deal with because they’re so visible to the naked eye. To illustrate, the NHS’ My Health Devon states that 90% of teenagers suffer from acne and about 60% of the population needs medication to treat this particular skin condition. Acne usually clears up during early adulthood, but people can experience prolonged acne due to the severity of their case and other health conditions.


Unfortunately, acne is just one of the many skin conditions that people suffer from. After all, the skin is the largest organ, and it requires a lot of TLC to achieve optimal health. To keep your skin happy, you’ll have to nourish it outside and inside through these holistic tips:


Make it a habit to get gua sha facial treatments

Facial treatments aren’t just relaxing. These treatments can boost your skin circulation, nourish it with the right ingredients, and address the trouble spots. Doing so means you can end up with improved skin tone, texture, and appearance.

However, you can make these treatments even better through gua sha beauty tools. Rose Quartz Crystal Spoons can lift and firm up your skin, making it look much smoother and younger than before. On the other hand, a Smooth Rose Roller can target puffiness and even reduce inflammation from rosacea. Professional tools like a CJB Dark Green Nephrite Jade can also lift your skin, reduce lines, and minimise dark circles, thus making your facial more effective.

Get the right amount of beauty sleep

Yes, you can sleep your way to better skin! Losing sleep can cause more than just dark undereye circles, and this can get even worse if you frequently get inadequate amounts of rest.

A study by L’Oreal revealed that 67% of people believe that getting enough sleep is essential in caring for your appearance because poor sleep quality can cause pale skin, swollen eyes, and dark undereye circles. As such, it’s recommended that you get the right amount of sleep. This allows the skin to repair itself from UV exposure and rebuild its collagen levels, thus reducing your age spots and wrinkles over time.


Boost your skin health with a nutritious diet

Your diet supplies your body with nutrients, which is why your dietary habits greatly affect the largest organ in your body: the skin. To illustrate, highly processed food and refined carbohydrates cause inflammation in your body and lead to acne as well as premature skin ageing.

Unfortunately, it’s challenging for many people to break bad eating habits. This is where healthy diet plans come in. Using nutritional and behaviour-change research, WeightWatchers found that weight loss programmes and healthy lifestyle changes are more effective when you are properly rewarded for making beneficial choices, like consuming veggies. Including your favourite foods in your diet as treats or rewards can motivate you to choose healthy meals more frequently, thus bringing you closer to your skin goals.


Boost your antioxidant intake with smoothies

A healthier diet does not just reduce your intake of foods that are detrimental to your skin health. Consuming nutritious foods can also give you doses of nutrients and antioxidants that can support certain functions of your skin.

Fortunately, you can increase your nutrient intake by simply making smoothies. The BBC points out that minty pineapple smoothies can give you a good dose of antioxidants like vitamin C, which are crucial in collagen production. You can also opt to combine orange, carrot, celery, and mango for a refreshing summer smoothie that can give you a dose of vitamins A and C.

Skincare does not end with your daily beauty routine. To keep your skin happy and healthy, you’ll have to combine beauty procedures with good lifestyle practices. Check our other posts here on The Facial Goddess for more skincare tips.



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