Get your spring glow!

Face massage, the natural face lift

It’s time to glow again. After a winter of dry skin and dark colours, this is the season to lighten up.  The days are getting brighter and we should be bright too!
Spring is traditionally a time for renewal so why not start with your skin?

A holistic facial is the perfect way to refresh yourself.  My unique facials combine the use of natural skincare products and natural facelift techniques. Using natural skincare products helps boost the effects of the face massage, because plant based ingredients are gentle on the skin and are chosen to work in harmony with your body, mind and spirit.

I like to work deep into your facial muscles with gentle but powerful strokes. The soft touch and careful flow of this massage help the muscles to relax, leaving you looking and feeling younger and more vibrant.

There is also an energy healing element to my facials – I incorporate crystals and reiki because I know most people that come to me are stressed and in need of feeling nurtured.  Stress can affect our body in many ways, however the correct holistic techniques can help to align and rebalance our energy, which leads to rejuvenation and restoration on many levels.

Like any massage, the real benefits come from continued practice so its best to have a regular facial to maintain this glow.

If you’re getting ready for a special occasion, a holistic facial will lift your spirits and give you extra radiance when you need it most.  Get glowing!