Get dewy, glowing skin.


Truly caring for your skin can be a full time activity - eating the right foods, drinking enough water and also finding products that nourish and restore you. One of my favourite night time rituals is a Jade Gua Sha Tool. This tool promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins, manipulates areas of tension to stimulate and regenerate cells and alleviates stress related symptoms such as clenched jaw, eye-strain and daytime fatigue. Click here to purchase Currently £15, and come with a pouch, detailed instructions and a £10 off voucher for a 60 or 75 minute Organic Facial. Facial therapy works on many levels. Touch is one of the most healing of our five senses. We often underestimate the impact of touch, but the effects are profound and powerful. The physical sensation of having a massage on your face is a special kind of treat. When you come for a facial with me. I use an intuitive approach and tune into the the areas that need more care.  The texture of the natural products and the fragrance of essential oils can resonate in a subliminal way and act as a natural therapy for your skin cells. Every facial will be totally different as your skin will have various needs at different times. However, at the end of each facial, you be left with a harmonious complexion, a relaxed mind and a gorgeous, dewy glow. Every Thursday afternoon I will now be at The Life Centre in Notting Hill, this is a wonderful venue full of yoga, pilates and meditation.  Oh and it smells just like Bali 🙂]]>