8 Unconventional Self-Care Ideas for Your Mental Health

8 Unconventional Self-Care Ideas for Your Mental Health


Perhaps you’ve been coping with stress due to tough circumstances lately, and you’re interested in making some lifestyle changes to find relief. Picking up new habits and hobbies can help - and indulging in a facial or spa treatment with The Facial Goddess can be a great pick-me-up, too! Furthermore, here’s how working from home, switching jobs, or taking up a relaxing new hobby could benefit your mental health.


Study Online for a Career Change


If your job is the source of your stress, you might be interested in switching careers - but perhaps you’ve been hesitating because you don’t know how you’d balance studying for a new field while working. Enrolling in an online program could be the perfect solution. By choosing an accredited, budget-friendly program, you can take care of your family, work, and study at the same time!


Try Working From Home


Maybe you do enjoy your job, but your long commute is affecting your mental health. Working from home might help ease your stress levels! When you work remotely, you can replace your commute with an extra hour of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast with your family, or even squeeze in a quick morning workout.


Go Bird Watching


Whether you want to go hiking and listen to birdsong or set up a bird feeder outside of your house to attract winged visitors, birdwatching can be a very enjoyable and relaxing hobby! Birds&Blooms states that outdoor activities like bird watching are consistently associated with improved well-being and that bird watching can keep your intellectual curiosity alive!


Take Tai Chi Classes


Tai chi has an extensive history, and this practice is accessible to people of all fitness levels. If you’d like to get some fresh air while doing tai chi, sign up for a class that takes place in a local park! This meditative practice will help you master deep breathing and positive visualization.


Write Fiction


Maybe you’ve tried writing in a journal, but jotting down your anxious thoughts just left you dwelling on your stress. Instead, try writing fiction and getting lost in a different story. This is a healthy form of escapism. Opyrus states that writing a novel can help you exercise your imagination while giving you a sense of discipline and purpose.


Experiment With Woodworking


Engaging in a physical activity that demands your full attention can help you take your mind off of your stress. If you want to go out of your comfort zone, try woodworking! I Still Matter states that the repetitive, meticulous nature of this hobby can focus your attention on a fulfilling challenge and decrease your stress levels.


Take a Camping Trip


Sometimes, going off of the grid for a few days is a great short-term solution for dealing with stress. Why not book a weekend camping trip so that you can relax and unplug? Bring a sturdy pair of hiking shoes and hit the trails for some fresh air and a new perspective!


Deep Clean Your Home


Do you ever feel stressed out simply due to the amount of clutter in your home? Block off a few days to spend deep cleaning each room. After getting rid of all of the items you no longer need, you’ll feel a lot lighter. You can also organize your remaining belongings to keep your home tidy.


Everyone deals with poor mental health from time to time. By exploring new activities and trying healthy habits, you can make great strides forward. With these suggestions, you’ll be ready to consider lifestyle shifts like working at home, changing careers, or even getting the hang of immersive activities like woodworking!


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